Academic Services

Sunvou is an innovation-driven company which invested heavily in clinical research and academic training. We provide the following services:

1、 Attendance at Investigator Meetings
2、 Dedicated Research Project Manager
3、 Data Management & Statistical Analysis
4、 Site & Virtual Training
5、 Direct Shipment to Site & Invoice Creation

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Product Services
Sunvou products cover a wide range of breath biomarkers with clinical indications in Respiratory, Pediatrics, E.N.T., Gastroenterology; Metabolomics, Cardiology, and Stomatology.

Our dedicated customer service team and network of distributors would be glad to provide a full-range product services to you as the followings:

1、Product Demonstration
2、Support for All Technical Matters
3、Customer Service Claims

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Sales Services
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Sunvou operates through a network of carefully selected distributors globally. To be contacted by your local distributor, please let us know where you are from and which product(s) you are interested in by filling out the form below;

Becoming a Distributor:

Sunvou is always looking for new distributors to help us expand our markets globally. If you are interested in becoming a distributor and benefiting from our exclusive distributor offers, or requesting a quote. Please fill out the form below;

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